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Tune in to Dr. Maleeha Lodhi calling TCF a ‘stunningly exemplary organisation’ on BBC Radio 4!

Dr. Lodhi as well as TCF co-founder, Mr. Ahsan Saleem, were invited by the prestigious BBC Radio 4 show ‘The World Tonight’ for a panel discussion on Pakistan. Mr. Saleem was the educational NGO expert voice on the show.

Always current and thought-provoking, Wednesday’s, 13 Feb., special Pakistan edition of BBC Radio 4’s ‘The World Tonight’ featured TCF co-founder Mr. Ahsan Saleem amongst a distinguished panel of experts discussing the future of Pakistan.
If you missed the show, you can listen to it here
The show was broadcast from 10.00 pm on Wednesday 13 February and was a lively and engaging debate, chaired by Ritula Shah of the BBC. The distinguished panel included Dr. Maleeha Lodhi who voiced her admiration for TCF more than once and called the NGO a ‘stunningly exemplary organisation’ and Fifi Haroon. As a spearhead of one of Pakistan’s most impactful and fastest-growing voluntary organisations Ahsan Saleem gave his opinion on the role education plays in the development of Pakistan.

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