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“TCF is a stunningly exemplary organisation”
Dr. Maleeha Lodhi, former Pakistan High Commissioner to the United Kingdom on BBC Radio 4, 2013

“It costs around £6 a month to give a child a future – around the cost of a sandwich lunch in London. I am confident that TCF will use my donations, together with their experience and commitment, to deliver education to the poorest children in Pakistan.”
Ms. Anne Redston, Barrister, London

“I was very impressed by the level of investment made in the buildings, which actually reminded me of the corridors at Aitchison College. The school itself and the level of organisation going into running them, was beyond what I expected… frankly it’s very encouraging to see that if we as Pakistanis set out to do something with sincerity, how much we can actually achieve.”
TCF supporter, Zain Iqbal, on visiting a TCF school outside of Lahore city, December 2012

“TCF is probably the most dynamic, impressive and well-run charity I have come across in 20 years of writing about the subcontinent.”
William Dalrymple, ‘Schools of Hope’, The New Statesman, 30 April 2007

“Breaking social barriers takes time, often a generation or more. However, in the areas where TCF schools had been established for around a decade, many of the issues that divide communities were either reduced or totally absent.”
Marie Lall’s (2013) TCF’s Impact in the Community-a Review

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