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TCF Student makes it to National Football team

14 year old Murad Karim Baksh is living his dream. Since he was a little boy he dreamt of becoming a footballer. And now he has become one. Well almost. A few months back, he made it to Under 14 National Football Team and this year played for a tournament held in Islamabad. This was the first time that he stepped outside Karachi.

From the congested, polluted lanes of one of the many neighborhoods of Lyari Town in Karachi, Murad reached Pakistan’s much greener and cleaner capital city to spend 13 exciting days playing his favourite sport and making new friends. He also visited the famous Shah Faisal Mosque with his team and coach. The visit left him spellbound and in awe of the stunning calligraphy and other Islamic artwork spread across the mosque.

Murad is a grade VIII student at TCF Secondary School – Cowasjee Campus. He has been studying there since grade I. For as long as he can remember, he has loved playing football. Even now in his spare time on the street, during break time in his school, he is always engaged in football. Last year he got to know through some local newspapers of football trials happening for youngsters. He grabbed the chance and went for those trials. That day lady luck was also with him. He played well and was picked for the Under 14 National Football Team!

In January last year, he participated in the Youth Challenge held by the Pakistan Football Federation. In July he attended Football Coaching Clinic held in collaboration with the British Council and Standard Chartered Bank. This year in February, he played in the National Under 14 Football Festival 2012 at Jinnah Football Stadium, Islamabad. All teams stayed at the Youth Development Center. Murad’s team made it to the semi-final match.

The teenage years are an impressionable phase. At this point, traveling to a different city, meeting new people and being exposed to organised and higher standard tournaments have altered Murad. He is more confident. He is aware of the positive effects of a cleaner, greener, fresher environment that he experienced in Islamabad. He is definitely more determined to continue playing football with more zest so that he makes it to Pakistan’s football team.

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