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The Citizens Foundation (UK)

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“Read in the name of your Lord” – {Surah Iqra 96:1}


We run the largest network of private schools in the country with 1,441 high performing primary and secondary school units in urban and rural slums, providing a modern and life-changing education to 204,000+ children across all provinces.  With almost 50% female enrolment, TCF is creating local employment, providing clean water and basic amenities in deprived communities across the country.

We believes every child has the right to a quality education regardless of religion, class, background or ethnicity.

How YOU Can Make a Difference
You can give these children a start in life.  Help remove these barriers and provide every child in Pakistan with their right to a quality education and ability to unlock opportunities to improve their quality of life.

Earn valuable Sadaqah Jariayah by setting up a direct debit now in yours or someone else’s name who may have passed away.  Give this precious gift to a loved one on their behalf.

Reap the rewards for giving someone an education. Your zakah will go towards the approximately 80% zakah-eligible students.

Educate a child

Sponsor a classroom

Sponsor a school


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