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Success Stories

TCF Graduate Back to TCF as a Teacher
Shumaila has come back to TCF as a teacher. For the past three years she has been teaching in TCF Primary School – Fazal Illahi Campus at Sumar Goth, Karachi. “ITCF gave me the confidence with which I face the world today. When we were students at TCF, our teachers gave us so much – they were our inspiration. Now that I am a teacher myself, it is my duty to give back to the children of my community. After all, these children look up to us to guide them and teach them. We owe it to the future of Pakistan to develop these children into responsible adults ” asserts Shumaila.

PAF Academy
19-year-old Iqbal Khan is living his dream. He completed his schooling from TCF campus in Roranwala, Punjab. Iqbal’s father is a security guard and in a family of seven, they faced serve monetary problems but he continued his studies. The motivated teenager not only excelled at school but now has made it to PAF Academy in Karachi, where he is being trained as a Trade Technician.

Anum Fatima has created history! She is the first TCF Student who has secured admission in CBM, a leading business school in Karachi. She has big plans in life.  She completed her graduation in business administration and is now persuing her MBA.  Anum aspires to join TCF Movement after completing her MBA.

Nadeem Husain Arain is living his dream. From a small village in district Naushero, he has made it to Pakistan’s leading Institute of Business Administration (IBA). Nadeem is confident about his choice and want to progress in the field of computer science. His father is a wiring operator at a factory. The parents’ focus on education has enabled all their children to give priority to further studies. Nadeem has five siblings, all of whom have studied or are currently studying in different TCF schools.

DOW University of Health Sciences
Zakia Madad Ali, from TCF School in Quaidabad has made us proud by getting admission in the MBBS program at the prestigious DOW University of Health Sciences. A confident girl with a humble disposition, Zakia attributes her success to the support of her teachers at TCF. She feels they have played a pivotal role in shaping who she has become today.

Zakia is determined to become a successful cardiologist. “I want to build my own hospital so that I can serve my people and community”. This, for her, is the beginning of her long journey towards pursuing a dream.

Dow University.
Sidra Saleem has followed her dream and made it to Dow University of Health and Sciences, a leading medical institution in Pakistan. Sidra is the first TCF student at Dow University.
“It has been a long journey. I started at a TCF primary school in 1998 and I’ve worked hard. I had to work extra hard for admission to Dow and made it on merit. Coming from a low income family, this would not have been possible without the help and support of TCF. I am so grateful.”

Fatima Jinnah Medical College
Durdana Rehman is the first TCF student to be accepted into medical school. She is a graduate of Shirin Sultan Dossa Campus II, TCF Secondary School in Roranwala, and Defence Degree College for Women, Lahore.
Durdana scored in the top 15 in the national entrance test for medical colleges and is currently at the Fatima Jinnah Medical College, Lahore.
Durdana is from a large family with eight siblings. Two of her brothers graduated from the same TCF school in Roranwala; one of them has completed a program in Pharmacy from Lahore Pharmaceutical College and the other is at Garrison College, Lahore. Four other siblings are at a TCF school in Roranwala and Durdana says: “The other two who are still too young to be in school, will also go to TCF schools.”

Areeba Siddique
is a grade IV student at TCF primary school in Mansehra. Attending school, learning interesting lessons, playing with friends, doing artwork and reading new storybooks are treats for this little girl whose family is struggling to survive in abject poverty.
Areeba’s father works as a labourer in the vegetable and fruit fields in the area. Areeba, along with her other siblings, helps her father in the fields. Back at home, she is her mother’s little helper. Areeba has been taking care of chores since she was four years old. No amount of household chores or her duties in the fields can keep her away from school. She is a regular student and her teachers praise her punctuality, good manners and pleasant nature.

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