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Short information of the directors


Aatif Nawaz is an award winning British-Pakistani filmmaker and stand-up comedian based in London.  One of the most respected acts on the circuit, Aatif has quickly become a popular British-Asian comic in the UK. He has toured The Netherlands, Ghana and Pakistan whilst performing alongside the likes of Shazia Mirza, Omid Djalili and several other comedy veterans. His most recent show ‘Talk Roti to Me’ was performed to a sold out crowd at the iconic Leicester Square Theatre. He is currently hosting comedy talk show which has been nominated for awards by ‘Music of Muslim Orientation’.


Anca   Dimofte is   a   Romanian   born   London-based   independent   documentary   filmmaker.   Her   observational documentaries are often uncovering new facets to groups or people misunderstood in society. Creating an intimate narrative on immigration and displacement, her first short documentary enjoyed much interest as it followed a community of Romanian gypsies in London living in abandoned buildings trying to support their families by working as day labourers. She has since worked as an ethnographic filmmaker for Naked Eye Research, as well as a self-shooting researcher for a recent documentary for BBC Four (Storyville). At the moment Anca is working with MAMA Youth Project, a charity where she trains young people from marginalised backgrounds and helps them find meaningful employment in the TV and Film industry.

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