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Short abstracts of the films


‘Postcards from Lahore’ follows a young British man’s journey to the place of his origins: Lahore, Pakistan. His intention is to recreate the only mementos of his childhood trip: 6 picturesque photographs that resemble postcards. On his journey, he visits Lahore’s historic sites and meets the locals, learning of how terrorism and a decline in international relations have resulted in this beautiful city being under-appreciated.

The documentary won an Honourable Mention Laural at the Los Angeles Movie Awards. The film also holds a distinction of being the only Pakistani film to be screened at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.


‘Madam Kazmi and the drivers’ tells the story of the first woman taxi driver in Pakistan and her day-to-day encounters and the realities surrounding them. Zahida Kazmi started to work as a taxi driver in Islamabad in 1992, and she is still the only woman who  holds a license to drive a cab in Pakistan. The documentary depicts the complex layers of her personality  as  she successively  becomes  a woman, a  taxi  driver,  a  leader,  a friend,  a  mother  and  even  a  ‘man’. Moreover, the film goes further than portraying the dynamics of a woman evolving in a patriarchal society and shows how Madam Kazmi exploits her current visibility for control and empowerment.

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