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Sponsor a School

Your donation can take care of all operating expenses associated with running, maintaining and improving our purpose-built schools that are providing underprivileged children across Pakistan with this gift of hope for the future.




With your support, we can help 180 children achieve their dreams and make a lifelong difference to their futures.  Fulfil the goals of their parents to give their children a better start in life and take this opportunity to earn all the amazing benefits from your Sadaqah.  To start your TCF journey click here.  



What will my donation provide?

Your donation will include supporting the running costs for a school in your chosen area for an entire year, educating up to 180 students.*

*this is dependent on whether a school is available.  If it is not, then we will find a school nearby

You will receive a thank you letter, supporter’s strip, plaque for 1 year outside Principal’s office, donor memento as well as an annual school report for your generous contribution.

Success Story


Kiran is one of TCF’s many bright and ambitious high achievers. A grade V student at INFAQ Campus I, a TCF Primary School in Bin Qasim Town, Karachi. She applies the same level of enthusiasm and commitment to her many responsibilities outside of school life. As one of five siblings, she is expected to contribute to household income through her work as a seamstress to get by. Amidst all of this, Kiran makes time to complete her homework and is always ready for school at the start of the day. “I love studying and take top position in my class every year but I also help my mother with her work!”

The TCF model proves that high quality education can be provided even in the most difficult setting, remote rural or poor urban, with high levels of student achievement. We provide education to thousands of children like Kiran who would otherwise be left without the opportunity to aspire to a better quality of life. TCF passionately believer that donating your sadaqah to education in Pakistan will ensure a brighter future for the thousands of underprivileged children across the country.  

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