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One of TCF’s first ever graduates makes history in her home town of Ibrahim Goth, a slum in Karachi

Hailing from a sprawling urban slum of Karachi, 23 year old TCF graduate Anum Fatima, like many of her TCF peers, has defied social boundaries to win a scholarship for Harvard’s exclusive Summer Exchange Programme.

The daughter of a TCF school maid and a driver, Anum went on from TCF to complete her Bachelors. She has now started a Masters from CBM, a leading business school in Karachi, with a TCF scholarship. While Anum was delighted with the news – her father had a slightly delayed reaction, having not heard of Harvard himself. Anum says: “When he went to work that day, he asked his boss, who told him what a tremendous achievement it was.”

Fatima is ambitious; she has a goal planned out for her life. “I want to be the CEO of a leading company, but before that I want to spend a few years at TCF to pay them back for all they have done for me.”

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