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Rahbar: Journey of Self Discovery

The first of its kind, TCF Mentorship Programme successfully completes its second year.
Early last year TCF successfully launched a mentoring programme ‘Rahabr’ aimed at the development of youth to become responsible members of their communities.

The role of a mentor in this programme is to guide the mentee in his/her journey of self-discovery. The mentors in the ‘Rahbar’ programme are those who:

  • dedicate time
  • listen respectfully at all times even in disagreement
  • are honest and not judgemental
  • share wisdom and learning
  • share their own stories when asked
  • engage with mentee as equal thinkers
  • validate mentee’s potential
  • strongly believe in mentee – see their wholeness
  • invite the mentee into their network

Rahbar’s aim is to help the mentee develop a vision for his/her future. The ‘Rahbar’ Team plans that by the year 2012, every grade VIII student must have gone through the programme – approximately 8,000 mentees under the guidance of 2,500 mentors will take on this odyssey of self discovery.

Rahbar – Second Phase

Following its successful pilot, the second phase of ’Rahbar’ was conducted at four TCF Campuses in Karachi from October till December 2008. 226 students (mentees) and 73 volunteers (mentors/Rahbar) participated. The induction session was held on October 11, 2008.

For eight consecutive weeks, every Saturday morning the mentors and mentees met for a three-hour interactive session where they bonded as discussions progressed on lives’ inspirations, goals, obstacles, career decisions and contingency plans, dreams etc. These three months turned out to be a wonderfully rewarding experience for every Rahbar and mentee. In this period, the mentees were taken for different field trips to places like Aga khan University, maritime Mueum, etc. Rahbar’s milestones included encouraging the mentee to understand his/her past and present, creating healthy role models, discovering future ambitions and developing pathways to attain those goals.

The concluding session held at Habib Girls School on December 20, 2008, was filled with fun and activities. A prize distribution ceremony was held to recognize the efforts of all the people who made ‘Rahbar’ a success. The day ended with a debriefing session and plans for the future of the Rahabr Programme.

Rahabar Reaches North

Encouraged by the success of the TCF mentoring programme Rahbar in Karachi, the team reached into North Region and Rahbar’s pilot programme was launched on January 10, 2009, at a rural location Wara Allah Dad near Lahore. Rahbar was conducted at TCF Secondary School – Ahmed Al Ghurair Campus, Wara Allah Dad, and 18 esteemed professionals including student counsellors, plastic surgeons, designers and TV producers enthusiastically joined in to mentor 41 students of Grade VIII. These girls and boys were counselled for two months. A lovely interactive closing ceremony was held on March 14, 2009 and Regional Manager Col. ( R ) Anwar Awan and TCF Vice President Mr. Riaz Kamlani presented certificated to the mentors.

Rahbar’s Third Successful Phase

On June 6, 2009, the closing awards’ ceremony of Rahbar’s third successful Karachi Programme was held at the Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre Auditorium, University Of Karachi. It was also covered by Pakistan’s leading electronic channel GEO.

The third phase of the Rahbar Programme in Karachi was held at seven TCF schools throughout April and May and it involved 380 students of grade VIII and 99 volunteer-mentors from different walks of life. TCF Founding Directors Mr. Mushtaq Chhapra, Mr. Ateed Riaz and Mr. Ahsan Saleem, TCF CEO Mr. Asaad Ayub and Vice Presidents Dr. Ahson Rabbani and Mr. Riaz Kamlani awarded certificates to the mentors and coordinators.

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