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Pakistan’s education hurdles

Watch Mr. Ahsan Saleem, co-founder of The Citizens Foundation, on ‘The Stream’, on Al-Jazeera tonight at 19.30. The topic: Education hurdles in Pakistan and what the root cause is of the public school systems failing.
Don’t forget to tune in: http://stream.aljazeera.com/

The story of Malala Yousafzai gripped much of the globe when her fight for better education in Pakistan took world stage. Much of Western conversation has been focused on the Taliban’s role in the crisis, but does the root of the problem lie deeper? According to UNICEF, twenty million Pakistani children are not in school, as government spending on the education sector hovers near a mere two percent. With accusations of corruption, lack of policy enforcement and a widening socio-economic divide, the country is now reportedly dealing with half a population that cannot read or write. So who is to blame and what can be done to remedy this problem? Join the conversation at 19:30GMT.

In this episode of The Stream, we speak with:

Shiza Shahid @Shiza
CEO, Malala Fund

Atif Khan @atifkhanpti
Minister, Elementary and Secondary Education, KPK Province

Amber Zuberi @teachforpak
Director, Teach for Pakistan

Ahsan Saleem
Co-Founder, The Citizens Foundation

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