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Friends of TCF speaks at City University: Aid & Development in Pakistan

Friends of TCF has been invited to speak at City University on 14 November on the following topic: Can Philanthropy and Aid help Development in Pakistan?

Many British Pakistanis have direct relationships with Pakistan via family connections, businesses, land, property, supporting charities and welfare organisations. Join our esteemed panel as they discuss how these connections and those of wider civil society networks are currently being utilised to the benefit of development in Pakistan.

What are some of the key challenges facing NGO’s and individuals involved in philanthropic giving and aid programmes? What role can British Pakistanis and others play in ensuring the £650M DFID aid programme – aimed at improving schools and development in the region – is fully leveraged? Is it realistic to assume that this will help both Pakistan and the stability of the wider region? Followed by Q&A.

A panel session chaired by Anwar Akhtar, Director, the Samosa with Michael Green, Author of ‘Philanthrocapitalism’, previously Head of Communications at the Department for International Development; Asif Rangoonwala, Chair, British Pakistani Foundation; Jehangir Malik OBE, UK Director, Islamic relief; Hugh Mclean, Director, Open Society, Soros Foundation Education Programmes; and Amina Salahuddin, Director of Fundraising at Friends of The Citizens Foundation.

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