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Exclusive Screening of BOL

Prof. Lieven’s new book, Pakistan: A Hard Country, is ‘a work that dispels the myth of Pakistan as a country on the brink’ according to The Telegraph. Please join us on 21 September, at Mosaic Rooms (nearest tube station: Earls Court) to delve further into this riveting and relevant topic.

“The film is a tour de force… Topical and thought-provoking, BOL is a film you must not miss.” 4 out of 5 stars by Times of India

Catch a sneak preview

Based in the heart of Lahore, the story takes place in a house full of daughters full of vibrancy and life, yet restrictions are always looming. Director Shoaib Mansoor uses this family as a paradigm to address almost every concern correlated with the community.

The film primarily objects to the idea of reproducing human beings into this world (blinded by faith and self-centered intentions) without taking complete responsibility of their existence. Concurrently it also highlights the regressive attitude of a male-dominated society that offers no liberty to woman in choosing life-partner, refusing reproduction, gaining education or working independently. And the concerns are very much contemporary with the film set in modern-day Lahore. At the same time, the film never stereotypes the state or its citizens but attempts to represent the intellectual illiteracy of a vast majority who haven’t upgraded with times.
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