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Education Emergency – Unleashing Pakistan’s Potential

The Pakistan Education Task Force (PETF), which was founded in 2009, launched their March for Education campaign in March as part of their Education Emergency effort to show Pakistan’s leaders and politicians the nation’s dire need for education reform.

As part of their campaign, PETF released a detailed report on the shocking state of education in Pakistan, revealing that one in ten of the world’s primary-aged children not attending primary school resides in Pakistan, and that 30 percent of Pakistan’s citizens currently live in extreme educational poverty. The report went on to explain that many families are forced to send their children to low-cost private schools in order to provide their children with decent education, while poor and even dangerous facilities along with erratic teacher attendance at public schools keep these schools from being a viable education option for children. Along with this disheartening information, the report provided hope, explaining that with the right kind of education reform and an efficient use of resources, positive change and measureable improvements could come about in only two years.

It is this kind of positive change that FTCF is striving to provide. Through our fundraising efforts, we have managed to build and support 730 school units for 102,000 children in Pakistan. With the continued contributions of our supporters, we can persevere with our mission of eradicating illiteracy in Pakistan. It only takes 6 pounds to educate one child for one month.
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For the entire PETF report, click here. To learn more about the March for Education campaign, click here.

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