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Educate a Child


Education transforms lives!  You can transform the lives of young underprivileged children across Pakistan by covering the total cost of their education from the teaching & textbooks to their academic & professional success.

Educate a child for a month

It costs just £10 per month to provide a child with a quality education – that’s equivalent to your lunch for one day!  Your donation will cover all costs associated with teaching including school fees, learning resources as well as school books.

Educate a child for a year


We also need more people to help support our children by covering the cost for an academic year. For only £120, your donation can educate a child for an entire year.



Educate a child for 11 years

You can support a child’s entire educational experience from KG to Matriculation.  This means that one underprivileged child will not have to worry about their education for their entire schooling – all thanks to you.

Together, lets help get these children off the streets and into school by supporting the full cost of their educational experience including teaching, school books learning essentials and any forms of counselling required from KG on to Matriculation.

If you can afford to, then change one child’s life by covering their fees for only £1,270.  Your donation includes educating a child from KG – Grade X (GCSE equivalent) – 11 years of their whole primary and secondary schooling!

With each type of donation, you will get a thank you letter along with plenty of rewards for your support.

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