Don’t let girls lose out on education

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Girls will be the first ones to drop out due to the Covid-19 crisis!

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered the largest education emergency in history, disproportionally impacting the most vulnerable children – especially girls. Pakistan has now been ranked 10th among 12 countries that are at extreme risk of school dropouts and learning inequalities.

Insights from previous epidemics have shown that in crises such as COVID-19 girls, are the first ones to drop out. Economic, social and cultural pressures prevent them from returning to school – putting their hopes, dreams and future at risk.

Why are girls at risk?

Income-earning responsibilities


Care giving

Don’t let girls lose out on education.

TCF has always believed that education is the key to women’s empowerment. Offering our girls the best education at all levels not only ensures that they live happier and healthier lives themselves but also raise healthier children and contribute towards the prosperity of their families, communities and the nation. TCF principals and teachers across Pakistan are actively engaging with our students, especially girls, to keep them connected to their schools and the learning process amid school closures. Parents are also being provided with additional scholarships and counselling by principals to ensure that children do not drop out due to the impact of the crisis.

Stories of Hope

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A young girl at the risk of dropping out of school is saved by a concerned principal.

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