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Sponsor a Classroom

A high quality education should not only be for the rich in our world.  Every child, regardless of their background, has a right to a brighter and better future. By sponsoring an entire class in a school in the area of your choice* you can make a meaningful difference to the lives of 36 children for a whole year.   

Your support will not only ensure that the 36 children have access to a safe and creative learning space, but also provide the resources they so desperately need to continue their education. 
Just imagine the reward you could gain by supporting this project.  

With your support we can continue to build a brighter future for all children in Pakistan.  Support us today. 
*this is dependent on whether a school is available.  If it is not, we will find a school nearby

Success Story

Nuzhat is a year three student at a TCF Primary School in a remote location in Nowshera, KPK. Despite her young age, Nuzhat’s heart is fitted with a pacemaker. As well as her on-going medical condition, Nuzhat lives a very difficult life – the whole household is dependent on her fathers’ meagre pension.

Though told to stay away from electronics, her love for science and her playful personality means she is attracted to all kinds of gadgets and devices. She has a keen interest in science and, as her teacher tells us, is a natural public speaker.  Despite all her life impediments she aspires to become an electronic engineer, and TCF will be backing her all the way.

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