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An update on our earthquake appeal

8 October 2005 brought with it one of the worst natural disasters to have ever hit Pakistan. It only took a few minutes for the devastation to occur, but it left behind a mammoth task of rehabilitating 3.5 million victims – many of whom were children.

The tragedy, however, brought with it an extraordinary ‘coming together’ of people from all around the world. Many dug deep to help offer immediate relief to families robbed of their homes and livelihoods.

Thanks to this ongoing generosity, houses, hospitals and schools are beginning to emerge from the chaos. And today, we have some fantastic news from one of our newly built schools in Mansehra.

A school report we are extremely proud of
We’re happy to report that the TCF Primary School in Battal City has a new UK Campus. In 2008 doors opened to offer local children the chance to build a future after the horrific earthquake.

The new campus cost around £77,660 to build and will accommodate 180 eager children. Now complete, the new campus will enrol 30 students per class. However, with each passing year, the number of classes at the school will increase as more and more children are admitted.

What’s equally as exciting is that at this TCF school, we have maintained a 37% ratio of female students, despite the conservative attitudes of the local community. With completion of the UK site, we hope to reach a 50% target by employing an all-female faculty of staff.

All this has only been possible because of kind donations from people like you. But please don’t stop giving. We need your help to ensure this campus continues to run at the standard every poor child deserves.

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