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Adult Education

Over the past 6 years, TCF has helped thousands of women become literate under its adult literacy programme.  Previously known as Jungoo the revised re-named Aagahi programme is now held at various TCF schools across the country.
The programme is generously sponsored by National Foods Ltd., and is partnered with Literate Pakistan Foundation. Earlier this year, the programme was scaled up and three back to back cycles of the 3-month course have been conducted at about 40 locations across all four regions of Pakistan.
In 2013 alone approximately 2000 women from the TCF community have learned basic Math and Urdu (reading and writing). According to the TCF Principals Aagahi has to “TCF mothers” becoming more self-confident and having greater involvement in their child’s education at home.  They are now able to monitor their child’s homework and track their academic performance leading to better results and achievements.

In the future TCF aims to increase Aagahi sessions and plans to target not just mothers but also other relatives/community women who cannot read or write. Ultimately we want to have an Aagahi center running across all TCF schools.

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