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The Citizens Foundation (UK)

About Us

Who are TCF?
The Citizens Foundation (TCF) is Pakistan’s leading education charity with a nationwide presence in over 58 districts across Pakistan. Currently TCF has 1,441 school units teaching over 204,000 underprivileged children regardless of ethnicity, gender, caste or religion, giving all children the chance to gain a quality education. TCF schools are located in deprived urban areas and rural slums, reaching out to the most disadvantaged segments of Pakistani society – children who would otherwise not receive an education.

What does TCF-UK do?
TCF-UK is a fundraising branch that raises money for the construction and on-going support of TCF schools in Pakistan. TCF-UK was incorporated as a charity in 2001 (England and Wales, Registered Charity Number: 1087864). Funds are raised from generous individuals, corporates, matched giving schemes, events and Trusts and Foundations. UK donors have built 43 schools (including 18 that now run an afternoon shift too).

Open to all children
TCF schools are open to all children regardless of religion, ethnicity or the family’s ability to pay. Tolerance for all faiths and ethnicity are strongly inculcated in all students with encouragement to be open-minded, peace-loving and socially responsible members of society.

National Presence
This year we enrolled 29,000 additional children, and employed 1,200 more teachers.

Sindh 618 43%
Punjab 670 46%
Baluchistan 78 5%
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (former NWFP) 66 5%
Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) 9 1%
Total TCF School Units, April 2016 1,441 100%

Professional Management
TCF is professionally managed by a team of highly skilled managers and staff employed on a full-time basis. We have 12,000 teachers in an all-female faculty.
Financial aid of up to 95% of the tuition and fees is provided to needy students. Many students pay as little as Rs.10 (about 7 pence) per month. Books and uniforms are provided at easy instalments, or distributed free to those who cannot afford them.

Co-education System
TCF schools are often unique in offering a co-education schooling environment. Female enrolment in TCF schools is close to 50%, a remarkable achievement when compared to the national literacy averages amongst women in Pakistan. Many of the female graduates from TCF schools are the first young women to be educated in their families.
TCF schools follow an enhanced curriculum which is regularly updated with the national curriculum. Effectiveness of teaching methods is also evaluated through regular schools visits, inspections and assessments to ensure delivery of high quality education at all TCF schools.

Teacher Training Programme
All teachers are required to undergo 120 hours of pre-service training. Additionally, all teachers receive 80 hours of professional development every year.

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